We believe that our audit services are more than just an evaluation of financial statements. Auditing services provided with regards to the global ethics principles enables you to analyse company history, current state and future plans. Provided auditing services would provide foresight to company shareholders which would ease them into embracing critical business decisions. Our resilient approach towards audit quality and service consist of specialized solutions using data analysis and digital transformation. Our team has a global skill set and experience to fulfil your company needs. They work with you to provide a proper and punctual audit process. During the audit process, meetings based on cooperation has critical importance. Likewise, the duration of the preparation period is of importance. We carefully plan ahead processes in order to avoid any conflicts and delays. A solid audit plan and team pave the way for a high quality and affordable service. One of our biggest goals is to provide you with a foresight which would help you to take sustainable decisions.

Audit of Financial Statements: The audit process of financial statements prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles published by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP), Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK) titled “Turkish Accounting Standards”, “Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TMS/TFRS)” and “Financial Reporting Standard for Large and Medium-Sized Entities (BOBI FRS)”, additionally, Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB), Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and other specified accounting principles.

Special Purpose Review: Company acquisition, merger and carve out procedures, venture and venture capital investments, business partnerships, project funding and special purpose inspection and reporting for special purpose commercial transactions. Inspection and reporting of financial statements, administration and operations, legal regulations, documents and transactions.

Internal Audit Services: Internal audit function is a unique catalyser for better processes in all organisations. Direct access to senior management and wide-range authorization enables the internal audit to come up with logical explanations regarding how the risk is managed and the processes are handled. Our team of experts on internal auditing and transformation presents the latest techniques and approaches thoroughly and with innovative tools in order to increase the efficiency of the function in all dimensions.  Our practice methods lead our clients to a practical road to success.

Public Offering Consultancy: In order to adapt to complex legislation provisions, help of trustworthy and experienced consultants is crucial. At the end of this process, the aim is to enhance your corporate culture and your business execution style. The value of preparation is significantly high in the public offering process. As an experienced team, we are here to assist you complete this task effectively on time. Our public offering consultancy service includes the integration process of the best practices into your company, compliance of financial reporting standards and improvement of your financial processes. 

Financial Reporting and IFRS Conversion Services: Our expert professionals will help you with complex accounting and reporting issues. It provides sufficient solutions to facilitate your financial reporting needs with our technical accounting, process and sector expertise. Our conversion services include the preparation of financial reports and its analysis in accordance with IFRS/TFRS or your company’s financial reporting standard. On request, this service also includes theoretical and practical training to your employees.