The purpose of our tax audit and full certification services is to support your company with accurate and punctual solutions. Therefore, we provide reliable tax consultancy services to our clients which they proceed to include in their decision-making mechanisms.

As KardenPartners, as a part of our tax audit and full certification services, we ensure that financial statements are in line with Turkish Tax Regulations and then submit full certification reports to the Tax Office.

In our corporate tax and value added tax certification services, we eliminate possible errors, provide risk management service and determine whether corporate tax base, related additions and deductions are applied correctly or not. Our evaluations, which are products of our consistent studies, and improvable corporate practices are reported to the Management of our client. By this means, any potential errors that might come up in inspections by tax authorities are significantly eliminated.  

Our compotent team provide these services accurately.

The tax consultancy services we offer at Karden Partners cover the following areas;

Full Tax Certification Services: 

The certification services within the scope of the statutory financial statements of the institutions that are unique to Turkey, given the returns and the tax office in the said declaration annexed statements are audited by the accounting principles and standards. 

The aforementioned services include;

  • inspection of legal books and financial statements on the basis of means of tax laws and applicable regulations,
  • ensuring that corporate tax base, related deductions and exceptions are applied correctly,
  • designating potential tax planning and sharing it with corporate senior management,
  • observing improvable aspects through periodic reviews and sharing it with corporate senior management

VAT Consultancy and Refund Services: Our VAT refund services are provided by a team that consists of experts with tax inspection experience in public sector, as well as experts with audit and consultancy experience in private sector. Moreover, our Indirect Tax Services team provide local and international support to our multisectoral clients. Our experts help companies put indirect taxes and related regulations into practice.

The VAT consultancy team take transactions and operations into consideration when commenting on VAT calculations. They inspect the accuracy of the accounting system, transactions and exceptions, reporting to the management in case it is deemed necessary. All of these practices are done in accordance to the legal regulations and the tax return system.

Our priority is to make sure our client knows the circumstances in which they are going to get their refunds and to collect these refunds from the Tax Office as soon as possible. We are well aware of the financial effects of the VAT Refund process on companies, thus, we focus on managing this process as prompt as practicable.

We ensure that your tax obligations are met by following the state of your company’s VAT practices, while subsequently managing VAT refund and deduction procedures, VAT refund based on stoppage transactions, VAT refund on exportation, deferment and cancellation procedures.

Transfer Pricing Services: Our team of experts review related party transactions, benchmarking analysis, foreign equities, subsidiaries and collection control, thin capitalization, interest and foreign exchange difference calculated on capital. We offer our local and international knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients meet documentation requirements.

Other Tax Consultancy Services: We offer other tax audit and full certification services such as compliance of the financial statements and determination of revenue, R&D report, investment incentive certificate reports, special consumption tax report, exemption procedures and cash refund, review of crude oil and its import, determination of capital increase and paid-in capital, addition of funds to capital. We also provide the following services; audit of corporate tax and income tax statements, control of transactions regarding tax incentives, discounts and exceptions, tax statements and withholding tax transactions of non-resident entities.